Hire Me

How do you hire me?

First, email me for availability. It's best to contact me for a scheduled date to submit your work. The following are estimates on how long it might take for completion, but I can give you a firmer timeframe once you contact me.


5 - 7 business days completion


5 - 7 business days completion


8 - 10 business days completion

In your email:

  1. Describe the work you want done. (After exploring my site to see what's on offer.)
  2. Note any particular area of concern you'd like me to concentrate on.
  3. Let me know of any deadlines you're up against.
  4. Attach your manuscript in a Word document.
I will respond within 24 hours with timing and cost. Should you decide to hire me, I'll put you on the schedule. Any amount over $100.00 requires a 50% deposit before starting the work. You can use the Pay Pal icons in the sidebar for payment. Once notified of completion, you can make the final payment through Pay Pal.

Once work is completed, please review within 5 - 7 days so that I can make any changes needed.

Keep in mind that once you submit your work to Amazon or Smashwords, they take 1 - 2 days to review and approve, and then another 5 - 7 business days to publish once your novel is approved.