About Indie Services


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Indie Services is the result of my own personal journey through the winding roads of independent publishing, aka, self-publishing. If you've chosen this path rather than traditional publishing, you know it can be confusing. The writing is hard enough, but you're expected to do your own marketing, social networking, graphic design, proofreading, editing and formatting, as well.

Where do you start? You either learn to do all these things yourself, or you get help. But help costs money. And if you're an independent author, you're on a tight budget. This is where I come in.

My goal is to provide affordable, quality services to indie authors.

I am not attempting to undercut competitors on pricing. Rather, I'm simplifying my services in order to provide you with affordable formatting, proofreading and editing. What do I mean?

With formatting, I provide the basics, which is all you really need. I don't write html or code or do anything fancy with glyphs or fonts. But you will end up with a clean, easy to read, fully formatted and converted manuscript ready for publishing.

With editing and proofreading, I only accept a clean manuscript. One that has already been critiqued or beta read a few times. Or one where you've done all you can to make it as good as you can, and now you need an unbiased set of eyes.

This is how I can provide affordable pricing.

Please feel free to browse around. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have via email.